Digital Rights Management and iTunes

This topic has been mentioned in a few threads for various reasons.

It seems many of us are trying to better organize our digital music libraries on computers.

Although I like iTunes and the iPod interface, I do not like DRM complicating my life for files I have purchased and rightfully own.

Similarly, I am currently frustrated that the Apple "lossless" format is proprietary and therefore cannot be used on my new HiFiMan player as I try to migrate to that player for higher portable fidelity.

So for the first time last night thanks to a suggestion in another thread, I noticed that it is not so complicated to back up a purchased iTunes library by "ripping" to CD.

Then, if I take that ripped music, and RE rip my backup CD - presto - I get unencumbered WAV files on my hard drive?

I suppose that adds a step in the process, but otherwise pretty surprising that DRM is so easily defeated?

Again, I am only doing this with music and files I have purchased and paid for from iTunes.

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.
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my itunes songs burned to cds play perfectly on emotiva, sony, marantz,philips , and pioneer cd and dvd players. sound quality is very good. itunes may not be the best way to build a music collection but when you want one song or some selection immediatly it works great.

1)not sure
2)no, the cd you burned will not work on "any" player as you put it. It depends on the file type and wether the player can read burned dics
3)the files you re ripped aren't CD quality, they were not to begin with. When purchasing from itunes you are buying below cd quality. You cant magically gain resolution by importing at uncompressed, you are just reimporting the compressed file as uncompressed. Just buy cds and your free to do what you want with them.
The music you buy through itunes has been DRM free for two years. Here is the press release...
Let's see if that link works this time.