Digitizing LPs

I know this is an analog section, but I thought perhaps folks with a analog LPs might know more about this so I’ll ask if anyone has expertise in copying/digitizing LPs, the software needed, the equipment needed. And maybe most importantly, how tough is this job to do and get good results?? I don’t want to create CDs, I just want to send a copy of each to hard drives so I can stream them. I am digitizing my CDs too.

I should say I have a good start on it, a Windows 7 Desktop with attached Musical Fidelity Preamp with phono stage, Adcom amp, Spendor speakers, and ASUS Xonar Essence STX soundcard, and a choice of turntables. Still, I know I’ll need another piece of gear. Is that a USB DAC? If so, how good does this have to be? Or put another way, do I need to spend a lot of money on this?
I’m not sure if Ayre still makes or sells them but I would check out the Ayre QA-9, this A/D convertor is well known to produce excellent results. So if you have a nice vinyl rig and cart, this could be a good solution to convert to digital. Good luck!

I am in the same boat as the OP.  For 12 years, I have been slowly digitizing my LPs, about 3 or 4 per week.  Until recently, the process was:  Clean the LP > Record it to CD-R using a Marantz pro-sumer CD recorder, inserting track splits on the fly with the remote control (and often missing the right moment) > Rip the CD-R to my server.  Obviously this is limited to 16/44.  Six months ago, I got my Sweetvinyl Sugarcube SC-2.  This reduces the clicks and pops, as well as digitizes the signal up to 24/192.  However, as the software is still in development, it will not yet split tracks or send the digitized files to a server over a home network.  The recordings land on an attached USB thumb drive.  From there, you can load it onto a server, but you will have to tag and split the tracks somehow.  Tagging I can do, although manual tagging is a PITA - I do it whenever dBPoweramp can't find the metadata of a digitized LP.  Track splitting I lack the software to do.  So I am impatiently waiting for the Sweetvinyl team to implement track splitting, which is promised.

Having heard dgarretson's digitized DSD files, I can vouch that they are nearly indistinguishable from the original LP.  That said, dgarretson is also somewhat of a technical wiz, and knows how to put this stuff together and make it work well.  I lack the time and knowledge for this sort of thing, so the Sugarcube is the answer for me, assuming they eventually deliver all the functionality they have promised.
Look at Vinyl Studio. It allows you to split tracks and does tag lookup. It also does a good job of cleanup, although your Sugarcube is doing that already. Only $29 and has a 30 day free trial.
@dtc - You, know, I forgot that Vinyl Studio also is available for Windows.  I may try it as an interim fix until the SUgarcube can do track splitting.  Thanks.