Digitizing Vinyl; Suggestions Please

I’m moving out of country and will be selling my vinyl, about 300 discs
So I want to digitize them, then sell them prior to leaving the US .....

TT-Arm-Cart: VPI Scoutmaster II, VPI JMW 10.5i tonearm, Classic 3 Headshell, Ortofon Quintet MC Black
Phono cable: Furutech Ag 12, 1.2m ----> into a
Phono PreAmp: Manley Chinook Phono (4 Tubes) --> into
----> Shunyata Zitron Cobra ICs. ----> Aesthetix Calypso - (4 tubes).

I don’t own/run any recording software on my Mac at home since I live off-grid with no wifi or cell.
Ive always wanted to use the Pure Vinyl Vinyl App to record, but I don’t want to invest in it now.
I guess I do have JRiver, but really haven't used it since my computer was stolen 6 mo ago. 

I’m just looking for a simple and easy way to digitize . That said, I have a Sony PCM D100 portable audio recorder that also has an ADC. The ADC recording is a bit flat to my ears, so I want to make sure it records some of the tube qualities that I like- rich tones, ripe bass, airy top end.

Right now Im experimenting with using the Sony to record. Ive tried two methods so far to check for SQ.
1. Recording right out of the Chinook Phono Pre with an IC having 2 RCA terminations on one end and 1/8’ term on other end.
2. Allowing the signal to run into the Calypso PreAmp, then recording out of the "Tape Out"

--> The 1/8" end plugs into the Sony. Records in 2.8 DSD and 24/192 and its derivatives
The 2 RCA- 1/8" IC was made by Belkin. It is good, but not up to par with the VPI and Chinook.

So I decided to buy the Nordost Heimdall 2 likable IC in the same configuration.
It was a ridiculous price, but it appears head and shoulders above the competition.

Any suggestions so far?

Last, Im looking for an audio editing App mainly to cut up the songs, add track marks and song names, maybe take some distortion out if I can, If it is relatively easy to correct.

E.g. the SQ from my 2 different recording methods above are slightly different.
There is actually more "vinyl hiss distortion" when recording out of the Chinook than the Calypso.
But recording out of the Calypso covers up the hiss with a sound that is tube-like,
but not always better than recording right out of the Chinook. Following me??? LOL>

Ok, thanks for your input!

Thx lp2cd.
- more words of wisdom, wish I had your knowledge base for recording..... more food for thought

-great info about the Mytec for ADC. I have used Bel Canto DACs the last many years, they have an great ADC, but no digital out .... ;( 

I have been monitoring this forum for a few days now, hesitating about putting my two cents in, but here it goes:

I speak as someone who has been digitizing records for about twenty years.  Don't digitize records just to have the music on hand.  It is neither cost nor time efficient.  It takes real time and effort to digitize a record, about 2 hours or more, so if you don’t have lots of time it will be a real grind.  If you have an especially rare record and it needs to be cleaned up, by all means do it.  But really, it is easier just to buy a new copy in whatever format you want to listen to it in.

I didn’t see where you were moving, but moving records overseas runs the risk of loss, damage or eventual warping.  Whenever I have moved overseas (Korea, England, Panama, Gabon) I have stored my vinyl in the US.  If you plan on not returning, you might consider selling them.  Just consider the risks.

if you do just want to digitize your records, I have had great luck with Wave Repair. You can do a lot with it, but it takes some skill and patience. 

As for equipment, I have never fussed too much over it.  An integrated amp with a REC OUT into my computer has worked fine.  
thx for the input. Appreciate the straightforwardness. Will consider. Yes,  I will probably just focus on digitizing the special vinyl only. 
Get a used PS Audio Nuwave Phono Converter. It's a high quality, highly configureable phono stage and ADC. It records in double dsd and will convert to any PCM rate you desire. It was made for this process.  $700-$800 on the used market right now.  It also has line level analog inputs so you can still use the Chinook as a phono stage and just use the ADC in the nuwave to record. 
Thx @jawest0078 

I remember when the NuWave came out- reviews were ok that I saw. But they really didn't touch the ADC aspect that you suggest.
Will check it out