Diminishing Returns

I know the point of diminishing returns is different for everyone, probably dependent on their inclme, how much importance they place on the stereo, and to exactly what sound they will be happy with.

In these times (not pandemic but rather trickle down tech) where I feel like you are able to get more for your money, what price point do you feel you need to be at to achieve audio nirvana?

I was researching the absolute least expensive speakers and found that the Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2, the Wharfedale Diamond 225, Triangle Borea BR03 are a few that get excellent reviews and can be had for around $500 or less and it got me thinking...

At $1000 the Whatfedale Evo 4.2 looks very compelling (I loved the Evo 4.4 at RMAF last year)...

At $2000 there seems to be some seriously stiff completion...

Just a fun discussion regarding what you think are outstanding deals sound wise, what the speakers are and how much they cost.  No “well such is $10,000 and it competes with $100,000 speakers”.  I’m talking for the average person who isn’t making $100,000 a year.  I’m talking $5,000 or less, less is better, much better.  I understand that for some, $5,000 speakers are like $500 speakers to others, no need to point out the obvious.

What I do want to know is speakers that you feel punch waaay above their price point and at what price (the lower The better) you feel like diminishing returns comes into play.  Also, lets try not to make this a Tekton DI conversation because it looks like they are the answer to this question at $3500; lets get some others in here that we may not know about.

If this thread sounds dumb to you, sorry, and just move on please!

Another one in question for me would be the SB Acoustics Satori Ara kit...
@b_limo youll never get to hear all these speakers and even if you did youd never hear them at the same time and be able to decide.  Chances are youd never be happy with any of them. You are on the speaker merry go round. What you need is a master tuner such as myself to do a visit and figure out why your system sounds horrible. Find yourself a good speaker tuner. You obviously need help
Just for the record, I’m not asking advice on which speakers I should buy, just wanted to get a thread where a bunch of good “bang for the buck” speakers are provided. Just for fun.

And Kenjit, this list is small. I go through quite a few speakers.  I kind of have a problem; I’m a bit speaker crazy where as your just crazy! You’re more than welcome to stop by though whenever they give you a pass and let you out of the looney bin 😁
Wharfedale EVO 40s, used. Best they ever made. Add a small sub or two
and you're still under original retail. Gorgeous rosewood finish, superb decoupling plinth and structure. Simply flawless and a giveaway after company sold to China and this EVO series discontinued. Diamond series are a tinny knockoff, aimed at mass market and home theater.