Dirac vertical mic placement

Sorry if this is posted under the wrong topic. Not sure where it should go.

So I was trying the Dirac correction software which came with my SA30 but struggled a lot due to either a faulty mic socket or cable end intermittent issue. It’s brand new out of the box and I have already requested a replacement.

Due to having to fiddle extensively to maintain contact with each position required I could never keep an absolute vertical positioning of the mic.

As the instructions suggest this is important I was curious as to public opinion on this. Has anyone found this to be a significant factor in performance of the Dirac application?


I don’t have any experience with that Arcam, but I do have previous experience with a NAD that used DIRAC. I actually found decent results with the DIRAC mic (and later UMIK) taped and used/slotted (UMIK) to a mic stand. The mic stand provided better stability, quicker height adjustability, and better accuracy for the position sweeps. Vertical was recommended since you’ll be measuring the room. Mic pointed towards the speaker not recommended since you would then be measuring the speaker. I had mixed results with DIRAC, but ultimately found that the accuracy (and subsequently results) of DIRAC were dependent on the quality of the sweeps. The vertical and lateral mattered - at least it did for me. Below is what I used: