Direct Drive

I am firmly in the digital camp, but I’ve dabbled in vinyl.  Back in the day I was fascinated by Technics Direct Drive tt, but couldn’t afford them.  I was stuck with my entry level Gerrard.  I have been sans turntable for about 5 years now but the new gear bug is biting.  I am interested in the Technics 1500 which comes with an Ortofon Red and included pre amp.  I have owned Rega P5 which I hated for its speed instability and a Clearaudio Concept which was boring as hell.

  Direct Drive was an anathema to audiophiles in the nineties but every time I heard  one it knocked my socks off.  What do the analogers here think of Direct Drive?  I listen to Classical Music exclusively 


and a Clearaudio Concept which was boring as hell.


what did Clearaudio have to define it as "boring"?


I have to wonder why this table would be as expensive as it is?


simple .... because it is not a big company like Japanese factory were (Sony, Technics, Yamaha, Jvc etc.etc.) to design a DD engine costs a lot in research and development; furthermore VPI will never sell as many DD turntables as the Japanese companies have sold which consequently the cost is passed on to the few pieces that VPI has produced and will sell.



Did you have the TT-PSU with the Rega P5? It was an option on that model (great one - I used to own, discontinued a while back) that should eliminate any speed variations that are noticeable to the human ear. The PSU is standard on the P6 on up I believe. 

They take care of any speed issues, and if you are really anal, they are now adjustable down to a miniscule level (I think .1%), if you want to do so using a strobe. My dealer said it is almost impossible to tell the difference of a minor adjustment and they come out of the box right on the money. Also, belts last an incredibly long time and now most come with 2 belts as part of the design to make them even more stable and long lasting.

I like Rega's simplicity, sound, value and incredible arms for the buck. Anybody else out there give a lifetime guarantee? I have a P8 and think that is the sweet spot for value in their line, and they're probably the only company with a range from the lowest price point to the highest. Naiad is $40K and supposedly unreal. 

Anybody have or heard one of them?

The only issue with Rega is you have to make sure to minimize vibrations, especially from a suspended floor. That's why they sell wall mounted shelves. I have a Townshend Seismic Platform that was a huge improvement (and I use a wall shelf for double vibration elimination).

  I had the TTU.  $400 wasted.  I used it from day one.  It broke I took it back to the dealer and they couldnt fix it even though it was under warranty.  It sounded the same with and without.