Direct shipper recommendation

Hello Everyone,


I recently purchased some very expensive speakers here on Audiogon that need to be transported cross country. Does anyone have experience and can recommend a shipper for 100K plus speakers? I think direct shipper would be best. Any thoughts?




I normally use cargo airline and deliver them to pick-up area myself. If they're too heavy, I'll have Jose or Hector helping me.

To be more specific.....

There are six crates totaling around 1200 lbs. Need to be picked up in Wisconsin and delivered to Northern California. Air cargo is not an option. I'm looking for reliable direct transport by truck. If anyone has a referral, I'd appreciate it!

I don’’t have any contacts with shippers or shipping brokers, maybe you will get somewhere with the contact AudioTry provided. My experience, the key is in the packing- I had custom crates built, not by the standard crate and ship, but by these guys that associate with high-end movers- they made crates for my horns- Avantgardes- which got shipped cross-country (almost) after being in storage for several months. The dudes on the receiving end- also part of the same franchise, or whatever it is, were even better than the dudes that did the packing.

The critical stuff should probably be palletized. You should also talk to your insurance company- the shipper’s insurance is drayage rates on the pound-- it’s terrible. I don’t know that you need to pay for a truck to take your load singly- part of it is distance; if you could do a tag along with a major mover of quality, you might be better served.

Not that long ago, you could fly an exotic car overseas on a pallet, from US to Middle East or whatever, for not much more than 5k. Not today. Figure rates are double or triple. People in the shipping or regular use of same should weight in and correct me if wrong.

There are shipping brokers.