Directv booster or amplifier

Anyone have any experience with these? I've got close to 90 ft of cable from my dish to a splitter and then another 30 ft to my receiver to my Pioneer Elite. Got a great pic but sometimes I get some posterization or shadowing. I'm wondering if I need a booster to boost the signal, any help will be greatly appreciated.
Hi there pops; ....The word is thrifty,ok? Having said that;it is good to know you're in the hi 80s. Guess one of those thrifty-priced amps is next.Before you got the amp;I'd drop off the splitter/put an inline piece and see if that makes it all better; / If it do,then get the signal booster amp. You got the 60 incher?---- Anyway, because we have the 9 point convergence;no harm in moving the set./ You just reel it back in. Have you tried putting the set on a different wall. It does help.Mine looks better facing north. It's that magnetic field thing......Hope you get this taken care of;inexpensivly.
The hot/inexpensive s-vhs is the 2000; from Wally right here.Good guy to deal with.
I don't think an amp is going to help. DirecTV is a digital signal, and you should either get it or not. There should be no shadowing or fading because those are analog concepts that should not be applicable to your signal. When your signal degrades it should jump in an out, you should lose the whole thing. An 80 signal strength is the strength at your box, not on the antenna, so you should be fine. I think the problem is in your tv or in the cable from your box to the pioneer to the tv. Of course you could prove me wrong by getting better results with an amp but I doubt that you will (but of course those radio shack amps are returnable).

A booster most likely is not necessary. Make sure that you are using quad0shielded RG-6 coax, and that you have aimed your dish properly. Up to 100 feet, you will be fine.