Dirty little secret of Pedigreed, decades old Speaker line - no one will address

For decades ever since it was first launched, all high end competitors have made major revisions to their midrange drivers. Yet YG Acoustics has done so - zero times. It still has the dubious, aluminum cone tech they first introduced.on day one. Their rationale for their supposedly superior construction has been completely rejected by all other companies who have neverconsidered considering imitating it.  They almost seem to be aspiring to copy Paradigm's entry level models (a co. that has ditched them for Beryillium on anything more premium). All while improving the frequency extremes only.  It certainly looks like they're endlessly, dead set on proclaiming it's somehow a feature & not a bug & eternally racing down this dead end. Their U.S. distributor has hired their sales director away to sell a competing brand they ALSO distribute, Vivid - that does have a far more sophisticated midrange driver & does it eve outsell YG.  In one of the distributor's online videos sent out free in their newsletter, the former YG sales guru, proclaims he has never felt nearly so engaged with the music - a clear knock to his old co. YG.  The owner, of said distributor standing right beside him, agreeing & not saying a word to disagree.  YG's response is to update the frequency extremes only, yet again & move down market to create a less expensive line. Even B&W replaced & updated their midrange driver tech, with their continuum. One of the strangest, most determined, longest running, self sabotaging mrkting decisions I've seen in high end audio. There must be the most peculiar, Why animating this but I can't imagine what it would be that remotely serves them.  Can you?


Do you own stock in YG? What’s your interest?  Does YG owe you something? Why the targeting?


He is not even willing to admit he’s never heard a YG speaker. Any credibility he might have had is shot.


I second this. All in favor raise your right hand.  No Jim,  your other right hand!😁

one last chance to answer the question lest you be labeled a lame internet troll.

OP…. try a new hobby…. one that does not involve the interweb👍👍☘️