Disappointing audition after great review

Ok, so I read the hi fi mags, in print and on line. I recently read a glowing review of speakers retailing in excess of $10,000. Then I found a dealer with the speakers on display. After listening I came away thinking what wa stat reviewer thinking? Also recently I tried a pair of headphones. Read a glowing review which touted its sonic quality and noted although they were heavy, they were comfortable to wear, even for hours. So I tried those headphones. After 5 minutes I could not wait to get them off.

Makes me wonder- are the reviews little more than shill ads? Sometime I think so.

On the other hand, there is one long time reviewer who seems to hear pretty much what I do. What he likes I like.

What's been your experience?
Reviews work just like mass media and media broadcasts what's written on paper. Facts don't matter at all. Naive those who did not get it yet.
It's so subjective--I have a modest but well-researched system that really hits the spot for me. But most non-audiophiles who hear it seem to be not so impressed. And some days it doesn't even grab me in a strong way. So there's a lot to consider in the human element.
Audio review magazines are nothing more than ads. The reviews themselves are extended advertisements. Get them for the pictures and the general entertainment value... but viewing a "review' as something you can use to discern what to buy is not very reasonable. All you can get is what things cost, what they look like and a little on their specs... other than that, the review gives you nothing. Audition at home and make your decisions there.
If I listened to reviewers, I wouldn't like half the music and movies I like. People who write reviews cannot help but compare their subjects to the movies, music, books, etc, that they themselves have liked. Audio reviewers are prone to biases, as well, as are we all. Reviewers in any category are trying to make a living, usually as writers, who need to offer insight and turn a catchy phrase. I like reading reviewers more for their writing talent than their judgments.
I would differentiate. I would not trust much any speaker review by anyone for the reasons mentioned above, though some reviews might be very accurate.
As for the electronics, well, it depends on who writes and how well you can read between lines. They cannot say everything they think but some find a way of doing it indirectly. I cannot say everything I think professionally either, even indirectly. Let's be understanding.
It is not always possible to audition in your room, sometimes you have to take your best guess. Audiophiles should have a good sense and intuition not to make many mistakes.
In my case, my own bias helps me. As an example, I will never consider VPI, Basis, Linn, Rega etc. turntables, but I will consider Nottingham, Simon Yorke, Origin Live, Customized Technics SP10-MKIII or Walker. No idea of German tables, many must be good perhaps.