Disappointing On Mcintosh......help

 3 Months ago  I went to NYC and stopped by the WOM  and auditioned several MCintosh gear...........and left a bit disappointed or not impressed...then I told myself   " lets give a second shot"  and went today to a  HIFI store and again Good room accoustics10K speakers , MC Preamp , MC Amplifier........ and again  the same disappointment I felt 3 month earlier.

Is that the "warm" sound people reffer to about Mcintosh?  
The sound is ample, base is powerfull  but the the sound is simply  not to clear, the hights are not too "crisp"  It sounds like the treble is set at 3 and needs to be adjusted at 9 or 10.
It seems like  the sound is  coming through a thin layer of paper ...that is the way I describe that sound.  

Then 20 minutes later I auditioned a Parasound A21+ and a JC5 and the sound was more clear and the highs were crispier

Whats your take on my experience?  or That is the MC "warm sound? 

For me at least it is not about being a Mc hater.  When I got reinvigorated in chasing great sound, I went through lots of equipment.  PS Audio, Stellar, sent it back for BHK, sold it.  Tried Audionet Preamp and loved it.  Tried Parasound JC1+'s, but fell in love with Audionet MAX amps.  Got a nice Tube Mc preamp (new) in for home demo.  I wanted to LOVE it!  I did!  It was dull and flat sounding compared to Audionet.  Not over etched or harsh.  Just great resolution and more life in the music.  Now I have top of the line Audionet amps and preamp and oh my so good.  Not about hating, about choosing.  Resolving SS gear needs to be special to not be fatiguing. 

Just received a McIntosh MC312 power amplifier (latest generation, 300 WPC). 

Running it through its paces now and there is nothing to be critical of here- except the size and weight of the carton !  more later.........

My amplifiers are Pass Labs and First Watt but in 1972 my wife and I bought a McIntosh MX110 preamp/tuner and MC2105 power amp.  The 2105 has never been serviced but here over a half century later it is still playing music in the basement party room at my son's house.  Reliability counts.

My Chevy will kick your Ford or Chrysler to the curb!

Oh wait. I switched to Toyota over 30 years ago and haven't look back. Buy what you like and what sounds good to you. Your good may not be my good. Quality and reliability count. Hard to listen to your gear while it's in the shop.. .