Disbandment of the BBC Singers

Hello All,
I strongly recommend and request that you sign this petition to help save one of the premier choral groups in the world. Once again, clueless bean counter bureaucrats are at work to dismantale a revered 100 year old institution. Thank you for your help!


Yes, but the government is intended to represent the will of the people and they are getting a hard fight on this decision. 

Letter from conductors and artists associated with the BBC

Letter from representatives of UK’s freelance professional choral ensembles inc The Sixteen, The Tallis Scholars, The Monteverdi Choir and Tenebrae https://twitter.com/thesixteen/status/1636383165291036676?s=46&t=sYdV-Y6YFOCc8eGY1ZKWzg

Letter from nearly 800 internationally renowned composers inc John Adams, Eric Whitacre and Thomas Ades https://jamesweeks.org/bbc-singers-open-letter-from-composers/

Letter from music academics from across UK Universities and academic institutions https://uob-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/emjp_bristol_ac_uk/EShx2oUgfEBMhmYED3UQ8usBPiKLnCVneb_vKpsrunp8Ow?rtime=cLy-xSsn20g

Letter from major music publishing houses https://www.fabermusic.com/news/uk-classical-music-publishers-letter-regarding-the-planned-closure-of-the-bbc-singers14032023

Letter from 150 British Cathedral Directors of Music and organists https://twitter.com/emmacleobury/status/1636769140471115776?s=46&t=sYdV-Y6YFOCc8eGY1ZKWzg

Latest national press coverage 

A selection of the latest articles on this issue. Please read them and share them. It bumps them to the top of the “most read” section of their respective websites!

The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/music/2023/mar/13/bbc-chief-draws-ire-of-700-composers-with-devastating-plan-to-axe-choir

The Spectator https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/speak-up-for-the-unsung-bbc-singers/

The Critic https://thecritic.co.uk/excellence-for-everyone/

The Times https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/will-musicians-have-the-courage-and-resources-to-snub-the-proms-lgk7szr0h

MPs call for a debate in parliament 

Barbara Keeley MP Shadow Minister for the Arts and Civic Society and Anna Firth MP have both called for a debate in parliament on the decision to axe the BBC Singers. 



A compact guide to how you can help the BBC Singers 

This blog makes it incredibly clear what we can all do to help the BBC Singers. Please share it with you friends, family colleagues and social networks! https://blog.thoroughlygood.me/2023/03/14/what-you-can-do-to-save-the-bbc-singers-and-orchestral-musicians/


I am at a loss as to why people who listen to the BBC would always prefer to listen to excremental serials on the TV with people who can only shout unintelligibly to each other  for three quarters of an hour every night and actually love it. Instead I and a dwindling like minded few are are clinging on to an ever diminishing Radio 3 and BBC 4 for cultural events of lessening regularity. The BBC singers are first on a lengthening queue. 

I'm one of those people, Jim! - If people like the BBC Singers, great - I hope they are saved! - I much prefer Eastenders, which is quite intelligible and only 30 minutes.