Disco...yep, I'm going there

We've all read the comments about disco music, most seem to heavily weigh on the side of "it sucks". I cannot say how many times I've read that two word remark......yet, without any explanation. One thing for sure, that era defined our consciousness and is an important part of our musical history.

Frankly, I love listening to several artists from that era ... Bee Gees, Donna Summer, KC & The Sunshine Band...………..

I really can't understand how anyone can listen to these artists and not be moved to get up and dance. That IS an emotional connection. The exact connection most of us long for. So, what's the problem?
You're obvious dislike of a genre of music based on an emotional feeling would certainly preclude you going forward regarding a solid/realistic approach to evaluate music for others.
BTW.... your statement regarding any artists found inspiration from disco going forward...…. Take a listen to The Eurythmics.
Problem with Disco was it followed on the heels of some very historic, groundbreaking musical trends from the 60's.  It was an obvious money grab that corporate music completely embraced and basically shoved down the throat of the American public.  And we ate it up!  You have to understand, it wasn't just the music, it was a complete social overhaul.  Picture the prototypical hippy from Woodstock, we went from THAT to John Travolta in Saturday Night fever!  I hated the music, or so I thought, but went to the clubs for years and guess what?  I found my universal truth ALSO applies to Disco, namely, there's only 2 types of music; good and bad.  Nowadays, when certain, not all, disco tunes pop up they have the same effect as hearing a "golden oldie".
Frankly, in a lot of ways, I'd love to go back to the days of "pay-offs" When record company executives  would travel around and pay djs to play their music with coke.