Discontinued equipment that you wish were still here. What do you miss or think will miss?

and why ?
I miss reel to reel decks and top Nakamichi decks. Also, made in the West tubes. It's obvious why.
Fidelity Research FR1mk3F. Sold new for $230 in 1980! At that time probably the best sounding mc below the price of the Koetsu ($1K). I had several FR1's!
bdp24 & roberjerman,
Thank you for identifying that. I'll see what I can find out there. 
@grsz06: I have a GAS Thoebe preamp and a Quatre Gain Cell amp in my collection! Both worthy of resurrection! And I owned the FR MC201 in the long-ago past!
The FR MC201 was a really nice sounding cartridge! Favorably reviewed in IAR. Wish I still had It!