Discovery of less known vocalists

Listening to Cheo Feliciano this Sunday morning and reaching out to discover the less mainstream crooner/torch singer out there.

Born in Korea, immigrated to Argentina in the 60’s and exposed to a broader selection of music (specially European). Moved to New York in early 70’s and my parents had a grocery store in the corner of 110 st and Lexington ave (the heart of Spanish Harlem and epicenter of salsa music in US) and attended first year of college in the south Bronx in mid seventies. Later in the seventies and eighties worked in many clubs in New York. So let’s say my musical taste is very diverse.

I have a difficult time finding great vocalists past the main steam known singers. Not looking for a few good songs done by and artist but for those rare artist that you enjoy listing to “even if the song is mediocre” due to their voice, arrangement, delivery.

I listen to vocal tone, arrangement, music, not lyric so I do need to understand the language, meaning any language singer.

Currently I’m immersed on the works of Richard Hawley, but to give my musical taste here are some of the artist that are a little out of main stream mention.

Sandro, Roberto Carlos, Peppino Gaggliardi, Raphael, Bill Henderson, Lola Beltran and a few others.

Im not saying this artists are not known or where not successful in there time but are rarely mentioned in my radar and I would like to discover new ones.

Thanks all




La Chica was my new discovery. What a talent and what a vocal. Before that, I was DEVOTED to LHasa de Sela who was also French-speaking and Spanish-singing girl. La Chica is from France, but Lhasa is from Canada. RIP LHasa and it looks to me that her spirit moved swiftly to the new body of LaChica at least that's the way I hear and see.


If you’re interested in hearing what an astonishingly perfect vocal sounds like, listen to Rebekah Del Rio here: