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I am trying to do my due diligence about this arm. I am just having a hard time getting my head around this idea of zero overhang and no offset. Does this arm really work the way it is reported to do?


I was driven to this hobby purely by my twin loves for music especially jazz and gadgets of any kind. My mother was an opera singer, so I was exposed to classical music and opera nearly from birth. I remember watching my father assemble a speaker from a kit he purchased at either RadioShack or from Heath. It had a single coaxial Altec Lansing driver. This was purely for my mother to be able to listen to opera. Then I discovered Miles Davis when I was 15. It is unwise to pigeon hole people as only one thing or another. Somewhere in there I was smitten with sports cars. Like Andre Gide said, “please do not understand me too quickly”.

When using the Term 'Audiophile', I relate to it as a individual who expresses a deep rooted interest in hearing music.

I would even accept that a Audiophile has a deep rooted interest in equipment to replay recorded music, either from a Analogue Source, such as Tape or Vinyl or a Digital Source, such as CD, File or Streamed Data.

I do not accept that a 'Audiophile' interested in Vinyl Replay is only defined as a 'phile' if the obsession of concerning themselves about microns, seconds, or Radians in relation to the equipment being used is their fundamental concern.

This as a stance is elitist and is suggesting only certain individuals can join the club, if they have the means to buy into the criteria.

I will sticker with my membership of the Club that has a broader criteria recognised, that identifies one as a member.

As said I have equipment bespoke produced for replaying the Vinyl LP, which has as part of the intended design, created the tightest of tolerances and remains friction free as part of the function. Even with this equipment at hand, and certainly the tolerances created are not found in all equipment, I will not consider myself above another. I will consider myself fortunate to be able to experience such a feat of micro-engineering, used in conjunction with a Cartridge.

As said the Cart' is the weak link, it is not produced to match the exactness of the modifications in place for the Tonearms and Platter Bearings Engineering.

I'll happily stick around here see where the snobbery being presented by a few contributors ends up.




The real riot is that people will say up is brighter down is duller

@mijostyn, @clearthinker 

That statement unfortunately is typically correct as the majority of tonearms are not dynamically stable in their vertical plane - a common artifact of tracking force.


True.  Many arms are not dynamically stable.  But surely a majority of arms are gimbal mounted in vertical and horizontal planes and so will not permit significant movement in those planes.



I am unconcerned whether or not people wish to refer to me as an audiophile.

And the cart is only a weak link if it is assembled carelessly.  Which often occurs.

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