Discuss The Viv Lab Rigid Arm

I am trying to do my due diligence about this arm. I am just having a hard time getting my head around this idea of zero overhang and no offset. Does this arm really work the way it is reported to do?


I did spend some time trying to see if it could be bought from a seller in Japan. So far no luck in finding a web presence for one who has it listed. 

Why do you suggest that “something happened” to the Viv with CF arm wand? So far as I know, it’s still available, CF being an option vs the standard metal wand.

Because I don’t see the CB on their website so I assumed discontinued:


Like VPI, generally seems that when both are offered, Carbon fiber tonearms performs better than aluminum/metal.  So I was wondering which ViV tonearm was better - the HA or CB?


DS Exports may no longer be involved.

Here in the US, it’s Mike Fajen @ Sierra Sound: