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I am trying to do my due diligence about this arm. I am just having a hard time getting my head around this idea of zero overhang and no offset. Does this arm really work the way it is reported to do?


Raul, When I wrote that the stylus should always ride down the middle of the groove, it was perhaps a poor choice of words for what I wanted to convey, which I then tried to capture better in my follow on statement.  Of course, in reality the groove itself, because of its tortuosity, friction, and Newtonian mechanics, will toss the stylus tip around quite a bit, and this is sometimes an audible cause of mistracking.  But Mijostyn was laying down ideal parameters that cannot be perfectly adhered to, so I added to his list of idealistic goals.  In an ideal world, the tonearm and cartridge would be massless and therefore not affected at all by groove tortuosity.

Dear friends: I forgot to post on the protractor manufacturers that speak of Stevenson alignment that ( as with Lögren ) Stevenson alignment does not exist but Stevenson A and Stevenson B and no one of those manufacturers an even tonearm manufactursrs made any explanation about..


@lewm , agree with you but unfortunatelly there no exist that " ideal ".


Next information on alignment is important due that came from Löfgren him self:


" “From the shape and location of the curves, it results that the largest distortion risk occurs when the overhang is not correctly set for the linear offset. On the other hand, the angular offset itself is not so critical”



" “From the shape and location of the curves, it results that the largest distortion risk occurs when the overhang is not correctly set for the linear offset. On the other hand, the angular offset itself is not so critical”

I don't think when Löfgren had the above idea that he considered the concept of an advanced profile and the possibility of dissimilar info on opposing groove walls.  I think those two additions make the correct angular offset (Zenith) as or more important than overhang.


Or that music information would eventually be encoded in vertical as well as purely horizontal motion of the stylus, as was the case in the 30s and 40s.

One other desirable attribute for a Cartridge Function is for continuous Signal Path from Coil to Phonostage. Fragility of the assembly and the inconvenience, are just two factors that are going to make this a very bespoke choice for an individual. For myself I have had thoughts on this methodology for quite a period of time, and am willing to bear with the obstacles foreseen and unforeseen.      

I have a design for a Cart' and to get this in place, due to ongoing conflict within a Country, there is a period of waiting to be endured. The end product is where a Cart' will have been rebuilt using a few options not commonly seen in use, especially by the Brand that produced the Cart'.

One area of the design change will be to use a PC Triple C/EX Wire, that will be directly attached to the Coils, bypassing the Cart Lead Out Pins. This is a very fragile assembly and is yet to decided if the C/EX will be a Tag Wire or a Continuous Wire.

If it does become a Continuous Wire, the idea of Hard Wiring the Termination into the SUT will certainly be presented as an idea to be tried out, it is a experience I would very much like to have been able to have.

My experiences to date has shown that certain wire and connectors in the Signal Path, depending on Type, can present a SQ, that in my assessment is a detriment. At the same time when a certain type of Wire and a certain type of connector has been selected, there is little that can be detected to create the suggestion,  that the SQ is being effected in a detrimental way.      

With the latter in mind, I am keen to hear the Signal Path without connectors in use for transferring signal produced be the Cart'. There does seem to be the possibility something further in betterment of the SQ can be achieved.

Once the Cart' Rebuild Service is no longer being cut off through sanctions on the Country, and the design for the Cart' is finally agreed and achieved. The agreement will include, that any works caried out on the Signal Path, if causing difficulties with the user interface, the Cart' can be returned to a almost original signal Path at a very fair cost within a short timescale. 

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