Displaying your stereo on Facebook

Does anyone do this. I see a lot of risks in doing so. Theft Also this hobby is a little misunderstood being on the fringe. What are your thoughts?
I ditched FB about a year ago. It just got creepy on so many levels.

As for posting elsewhere online? Well, I’d like to see a snatch and grab of a 100 pound amp and 130 pound speakers. And even if they were stout enough to do that, they’d have to get past the angry owner who is generally well prepared to defend his home.

I live downtown in a small city. There are frequent petty crimes, yard tools, stuff left out, stuff in unlocked cars, even a break-in down the street a few years ago. Everything taken was small and no-count. Primarily young stoned crack heads committing crimes of opportunity according to cops. Just to get a few bucks for drugs.

To steal a serious hi-fi system would have to be a planned hit looking for a big score....which would be useless around here...no pawn shop or fence is going to give a plug nickel for hi-fi equipment. No real market.

So I think we can all relax.....unless your home and goods are super flashy and enough to interest serious thieves...
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"What's a facebook?"

I think it's a book with pictures of eyes, noses, lips, etc. It's used by people getting a new look from plastic surgery.

Well, I don't do it because no one I know would be interested and many I know would roll their eyeballs.

That said, If Audiogon didn't exist, Facebook would be a viable platform to share with audiophiles, and Facebook is far more private than Audiogone or any other sales platform so long as you set your security up properly. 

as I don't lay all of my eggs in one nest. I also conceal carry,

All your eggs may end being served on a plastic plate in jail or under the mortician's knife....lol
It is now legal to carry a sword in public in Texas apparently. Wow, we can all pretend to be a Jack Sparrow type swashbuckler........lordy.