Distorted 24-bit/192kHz PCM using iFi Zen One Signature DAC?

Anyone with this DAC get a chance to play 24-bit/192kHz though the Toslink input?  I'm getting distortion despite playing fine through the coaxial input.  If I use the same Toslink cable and player to another DAC, the sound is fine.  



@erik_squires  This DAC is definitely spec'ed to receive 24/192 over Toslink.  I just finished troubleshooting the issue with iFi with no success, but as you mentioned, the Toslink standard wasn't originally designed to support 24/192.  Hence I'm wondering if others with this DAC are also experiencing this problem or if it is in fact my unit that is defective.  Other formats up to 24/96 play fine over the Toslink.  24/192 also plays fine over the coaxial input.


AES3 calls for 192 frames per block and 24 bit is fully supported so unless there is a hardware issue you shouldn’t be having problems. Since you had no problems using same cable on another dac I’d suspect it’s an issue within the Zen One. if trying a different Toslink cable doesn’t solve the issue I would send it back and exchange on a new one.

Does anybody know if the Zen Stream can output over SPDIF DoP in 24/96 format? My DAC accepts max 24/96 and need to listen to my DSD files on external SS drives.


I don't know about the Zen Stream, but to address my original post, iFi did eventually confirm that 24/192 is not supported on Toslink.  They were gracious enough to compensate me for not being fully transparent in their product specifications.