Distortion on Giant Steps?

I own several CD versions of John Coltranes Giant Steps. Seems to be major distortion (microphone, tape...) on the piano?

Such a great performance I can look past it but the distortion is a bit annoying, especially on piano solos.

Same holds true for occasional hum/buzz on Wes Montgomerys amp on a few of his albums.
I feel your pain. Recently picked up an original Kind Of Blue release (VG+) on vinyl and because of some noise on the first track I decided to also buy a new copy of the 200g Classic Records reissue. There is an intermittent "buzz/squawk" at several moments throughout the album. Especially on the cut "All Blues". I have not heard or read anyone else having this issue but it sure is annoying and I question whether to try another copy....
I think the piano distortion on Giant Steps is in the original recording and can't be eliminated. Maybe the mike was too close or the tape was being overloaded.
On this LP in the Atlantic vinyl reissue box set, the piano sounds pretty clean, but recessed and rolled-off.