Distortion on "Blind Faith" deluxe edition cd

I'm talking about the recently released 2 cd set on Polydor. There seems to be audible distortion (primarily in the left channel) at several points on this cd typically during a Clapton guitar flurry. For example, listen from about the 3:30 mark of the first track.

At first I though I had a blown tweeter or something, but through careful experimentation I have determined it is definitely on the disc. I can even hear it playing the cd on my discman (although not as prominently due to the lower resolution).

This is a damn shame because on the whole the cd sounds pretty good, especially on Ginger's drum solo in "Do What You Like".

Anyone else have this cd and notice this? I'm curious because I got mine through a record club. I wonder if it's a bad pressing or if this is a general problem.
Yes I have it too. The guitar is about two and a half feet inside the left speaker and the distortion is about one foot to the left of that.

I have a limited edition Polydor import that places at about the same place.

My 1986 RSO disk has it to the right of the guitar and my original 1969 vinyl has it just left of center.

It's a part of the recording, I'd guess a tube was going on Eric's amp. You have to remember how poorly this was made and the quality of equipment they used. Blind Faith created history but not Audiophile quailty history. I heard Eric live quite a bit in the late '60s and I can tell you he sounded no better live. It's too bad for us who want to hear the best, non-the-less the deluxe edition is a great collection that allows us to see the making of history.
Yes, I hear it too. Since I don't haave any other version of this album.,I can't guess where the distortion comes from.