DIY Bearing availability

I'm getting ready to start another TT project and not quite sure I want to machine one or have one made.

What is out there now? I didn't see bearings listed on the Teres site but will give Chris a call to see if he still sells them. Any other options?
If you want a fully developed dedicated turntable bearing complete with housing and mounting capability, try a search on Lenco Heaven. There are two guys, Mirko and Jeremy, that make very nice bearings suitable for use with platters other than the Lenco one. Moreover, I am sure either or both would custom make you a bearing suitable for much heavier platters, if that is your desire. I am the satisfied user of a Jeremy Superbearing in my Lenco.
Thanks guys. The Grainger and DIY Hifi bearings are totally unsuitable for what I have in mind. The bearing on LH is closer, I'll have to look into it. The Chinese stuff is quite comical.
I dont know what is comical about this

Looks pretty impressive to me. but should be for the cost.
Now that one I did not see when I searched. The ones I have seen were not impressive at all. I have emailed them to find out if they offer that bearing alone.

I don't need the platter, I can build that.