DIY Bearing availability

I'm getting ready to start another TT project and not quite sure I want to machine one or have one made.

What is out there now? I didn't see bearings listed on the Teres site but will give Chris a call to see if he still sells them. Any other options?
Thanks guys. The Grainger and DIY Hifi bearings are totally unsuitable for what I have in mind. The bearing on LH is closer, I'll have to look into it. The Chinese stuff is quite comical.
I dont know what is comical about this

Looks pretty impressive to me. but should be for the cost.
Now that one I did not see when I searched. The ones I have seen were not impressive at all. I have emailed them to find out if they offer that bearing alone.

I don't need the platter, I can build that.
Nice ready-made track for an idler wheel on the underside of that eBay offering, but it would have to be one powerful motor to move that sucker. Does look to be beautifully made.
Why not buy the platter upgrade for the VPI series turntable? It includes the bearing and the platter that is used on the classic. $800 from music direct. Can't beat the price can you? Or if you can please let me know!