DIY Bi-wire; Audioquest Midnights

Would appreciate a little advice. I've got a pair of Audioquest Midnight speaker cables that are advertised as bi-wireable (sp?) but are single end terminated. Have just acquired a pair of Spendor SP 1/2's that have dual posts for bi-wiring. Any do-it-yourself way to convert the Midnights to bi-wire or do I need to send them back to the factory? Thanks.
Save yourself the trouble. Don't bi-wire. Purchase or make yourself a good pair of jumpers with spades & use a single run. You may loose a touch of bass, but you will gain more midrange & treble resolution.
WANNING----Don't touch those speaker wires----SEVERE damage could result.I talked to the designer at Synegistic.Resc.A couple mos.ago.In part of the conversaition he says1/2 the sound of any cable/wire is in the termination,and how it is made.There is precious little to be gained,and much to risk. Double up the spades on the amp.Make sure to use a good cleaner like Kontac.first.It is a non productive road to go down
You can DIY if you remove the speaker end termination. I think the Midnoght has 16 solid conductors(at least the really old version did). It will depend on the color of the conductor covers. If there are only 2 colors - say red/black then take 4 red and join them together. Join the remaining 4 red together. Do the same for the black and in the end you will have 2 pairs of equal red/black conductors. Terminate those if you want to. So you will have a single pair of terminations for the amp and you will have 2 pairs for the speaker. This is done for each side. Hook them up removing any bridge on your speakers to your high/low frequency binding posts and see how it plays. I just did the same thing last night to an older version of Indigo and we'll see how it plays. If the Midnights have multiple colors then split them up accordingly. I do not know alot about bi-wiring but this version would be a single wire bi-wire. The 2 cable method which does not intail splitting conductors up is purported to be better. This is where you would require 4 cables(2 per side) to do the same thing. It is much easier to do if your amp can accommodate 2 terminations per side. Hope this helps...