DIY cable elevators

I know that there is opinion on both sides of the aisle as to whether elevating speaker cable is a worthwhile or pointless thing to do, or a good or a bad thing sonically.

Assuming for the moment that it might be desirable, can anyone tell me why the following DIY solution would not work as well as, or better than, the expensive products out there that The Cable Company is trying to sell me?

Take three chopsticks or similar lengths of narrow gauge dowel, align the three of them, tie a piece of string tightly around them about 2" from one end, splay the three legs out like a tripod, set on floor, and rest the cable in the "cradle" formed by the three short angled lengths of stick above the string. Repeat as necessary. Last I heard, wood is pretty non-conductive. But perhaps I'm missing something.

(Of course, if this works, we can start experimenting with different woods and different shapes and brands of chopstick.) (;
I used 3" PVC pipe and cut it in half (miter saw) along the length of it. Cut the half pipe into 3" or 4" lengths then take 2 pieces and stack back to back with a dab of Liquid Nails. When that is solid then spray paint with desired color, I used a spackle paint (gray) and they look awesome IMO. I will never buy them from a manufacturer.
Wow - there are certainly some creative people involved in this thread. If you want some EASY homemade cable risers, just use empty cd cases opened at 45 degrees and placed sideways under your cables. I even went so far as to try this compared to the porcelain elevators and the cd case "towers" actually did have a bigger, more open soundstage for whatever reason. While not perfect, this is certainly easy to try and costs you nothing. Enjoy!
If you have a basement - drill a hole through the floor and hang the wires across your basement - no ambient noise - large air gap and you can use it to hang your handyman tools - try different tools for different effects - a saw to sharpen the soundstage - a hammer to add more punch - and your old unwashed socks to give everything more "air".