DIY cables question


I first dipped my toe into hifi during covid and being on a budget, I slowly bought used to build up my system including a decision to DIY my own speaker cables. I bought 20ft of Mogami 3014 wire along with some gold plated banana plug connectors and while having zero soldering experience gave it a go. To date everything works fine but I’m left questioning whether my potentially "shoddy" soldering work is my weakest link and is holding back my setup. I’ve been flip flopping back and forth on just buying some used name brand speaker cables so I can stop the torment. I guess my main question is, when wires work, is it black or white, meaning they either connect or they dont, or can bad soldering limit the max performance of the cables or furthermore my entire setup?

Aside from my DIY speakers cables everything else is name brand, I use AudioQuest Earth RCAs (TT to Pre) and AQ McKenzie XLRs (Pre to Hegel H360), and a Curious USB cable ( Stream Box S2 Ultra to Denafrips Pontus II)

Thanks in advance.

Not black and white, but every shade and color is possible. Not only can your solder effect the sound, it more than likely does.

But it is not necessarily bad, it may be making it more to your liking … 
 I'm no expert but if your solder joint is gray or looks like a bubble gum blob you may want to resolder. Solder joint should be shiny or mirror like. A solder sucker is your friend. I've always found when you tin stranded wire it should be totally soldered through out the wire but should be able to see each strand of wire, place a small amount of solder in cup heat cup up, place tinned wire in cup let it become one still able to see each strand of wire, pull on wire for durability and your done. 

Ive made my own wire for ten years or more some can sound very nice but never have been able to compete with high end wire. I've used stranded, solid silver, solid and stranded copper, magnets, vibration control but it's very tricky to make wire that can compete with $1000 and up cable. Power cables seem to be the easiest to make sound good. Use nice quality connectors good wire and some clamps and vibration control and they can sound pretty good for what they are. 

For speaker wire wire I use bare wire. In one system I have speaker wire hard wired to amp and outboard crossover. No bulky big copper binding post.

You could always crimp and put shrink over the conductors on good spades or banana plugs instead of solder.
@ oldhvymec 

Thanks for taking the time to provide such detail, seems like the consensus is no solder w/connectors or go bare wire all the way. IF I can find the time I will give it a go, just been spread so thin lately, its hard to even sit down and listen to some tunes.