DIY Equipment and Speaker Stands

Has any body got any suggestions for DIY speaker or equipment stands? Are any plans posted anywhere. I am looking for speaker stands for Dick Olsher's Black Dahlia's which should be about 22" high. The equipment stand needs to be low and wide. Looking for something with high Spousal Approval Factor.
Flexy-Table from check out the home theater discussion board for my explanation of this DIY rack around IMO.
Spouse aproval on DIY stuff is difficult. The best thing I know of for DIY speakers stands is to drive three or four REALLY thick nales (like masonry nails) through a board that is about 13" x13" and then use screws to attach an identical board over the first so that the heads of the bid nails are sandwiched between the two boards. That is the base. Then you stack cinder blocks on to the desired height (use epoxy to connect them) and put an additional board on the top for the speaker to rest on. You can paint or finish the wood. You can also paint the cinder blocks but I suppose that if wife approval is neccessary, you could conceal the cinder blocks by putting wood around them or putting some sort of fabric cover over it. Here is a sketch: BBBBBBBBBB CCCCCC CC CC CC CC CCCCCC CCCCCC CC CC CC CC CCCCCC BBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBB N N N N B = board C = Cinder Block N = Nail
DIY not necessary, Audio Advisor has very good and stylish Atacama metal speaker stands for $99 a pair......these will also function must better than any you make yourself....also has 4 shelf "Studio Tech" metal equip rack (similar to Target rack) for only $169, looks good works good
I just built some Amp stands.Purchased to butcher blocks fro Ikea.2" thick by 15x19.I put Target spikes in the bottoms.Built for 60.00.The sound has improved over when they where on the Atlantis A/V audio rack.I put a tuntable n the rack so i needed amp stands the Matching atlantis rack where 400.00 so the 60.00 i spent saved me 340.00 to buy more vinyl.