DIY high end speakers?

Is there any consensus on which of the published (via Internet) speaker designs / kits are actually worth it? I am very handy (I design and build furniture as a hobby and have a full shop) and as a result am considering going the DIY route for speakers but I need a starting point for my research.

What are some good links and resources for me to check out and see if this is a good way to go?

Here's the right link to the Skaaning speakers.
When your on the site, click on Gallery on the left side.
may I suggest and . I've built 2 pairs from troels' designs - I intend never to buy commercial made again.

The Audio Technology drivers are indeed nice, but there's one very important thing missing from that site - the all important crossover design. You can have the best drivers in the world in the sleekest designed cabinet - without the right crossover design it is not going to work.

The only way to get a competent coherent speaker is actually building the box - installing the drivers - measureing them in the box - then optimize the crossover design for that specific application. That is the way my two kit designs above have been designed, as well as all of the ones on Troels Gravesens site, I actually think theres a few designs on his site featuring Audio Tech drivers.

Best of luck

Hello Kooshballa, I have been building for 30 plus years, I'd be glad to give you some recommedations, first I have a couple of questions, If you can answer these, I'll send over some suggestions.
What type of music do you listen to?
How big is your room?
How much power do you have?
Tubes or Solid State?
How loud do you listen?
Let me know when you can, Tim