DIY IC cables

Does anyone make their own interconnect and if so, where can I get high-quality cable and rca connector? Thanks alot
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47 Labs has an interesting DYI cable set. Not cheap at $600 but builds 2 or 3 pairs. Connectors are very unique. Check it out on their site.
on ebay, there is often mil-spec silver clad wire with teflon insulation, usually very cheap. Or get some of the shielded silver clad teflon two conductor cable. Neutrik makes a decent inexpensive rca connector or if you feel like spending more, bullet plugs are very good.

Of course, you can purchase many of the higher end commercial IC wires in bulk cable form and you can buy the WBT nextgen connectors. But you'll spend a lot of money and the DIY ICs have no resale value so you might be better off buying commercial cables if you plan to upgrade at some point.

VHaudio sells the pulsar wire in bulk for DIY and has many very good connector options.
i second ebay. i got some of the silver wire on there ,there are alot of differ,gauges.and cables sound good and fun to make.i think i used a copper wire thay was silver coated last time..i got my plugs and tex flex from takefive great guy
I have a few from Blue Jeans Cable. I am not going to proclaim they sound any better or worse than others, but I will say the quality is excellent.

They use very good Belden or Canare cable (your choice) and very good terminations.

If you want a hobby to make cables, OK. But, if you put any value on your time, IMO you can't make a better quality cable for less $.