DIY power cable questions

Hey there,

I’ve been looking into making my own power cables for a few components and it’s easy to find connectors for the IEC C13 and C15 receptacle configurations but I’ve not had much luck finding anything for C17 connectors that just have hot and neutral wires but no ground. Same for the NEMA 1-15P connectors. Way harder to find anything compared to the NEMA 5-15P versions. Anyone have any advice or info to share on this matter? I appreciate the help for sure.
You might want to google "floating ground".

You know I did, I need to look a little closer. Thanks for the info..
Pretty short, said something about floating voltage too.
Safe is always a concern. thanks

I appreciate everyone’s feedback. 
Thank you very much for answering my question. After doing a little more research I came to the same conclusion as what you suggested but it’s nice to hear it again for confirmation. Your post was spot on. ;)  

 I`ve done simple (minimum)12awg shielded solid core pc`s since the 90`s. Outperforms anything else no matter of price. None of my cables are flexible, flat, twisted or in fancy colours. They just sound perfect.