DIY Power cables: quality wire?

I’m wanting to DIY a few power cables. I’ve looked around and with so much positive & negative information I’ve become to realize, I just want to use high quality wire, and it be very well shielded so that I can use in my system. 

I don’t want all of the super high end end plugs as I’m going to use the Sonar Quest ones. I don’t really want to make the cable other than just terminate it with the plugs. 

Can someone recommend to high quality bulk wire that highly shielded in 10guage and 12 gauge?

Also, I’m looking to terminate a couple of C7 end plugs, is there a place to buy those types of plugs?

What @lak says! I used the Furutech SO22N and 32N.  They make great power cords! 
Can someone tell me the difference between Furutech SO22N and 32N ?
Would love to know the difference with Neotech 3001/3002 MKIII as well.

I use unshielded Acrolink 6N-P4030. The current 7N-P4030 II has a copper foil shield. Nice wire.
I just completed 3 DIY cables consisting of the highly regarded Furutech FP-S55N Limited Edition with Furutech FI-50 NSF connectors,With only 40 hrs on the new cables I sold off all my Shunyata sigma's and alpha nr cables. Yes there that good and considerably cheaper.

I have been reading that the S55n is sold out or very hard to find in the US, Furutech has released a new Limited Edition called the DSP-4 which is supposed to be even better but twice the price as the S55N.
Many of us on other forums here in Audiogon have given feedback regarding the Furutech's various wires, all good.
SO22N (14 Gauge)
SO32N (12 gauge)
S55N (10 gauge)
DSP-4 (11 gauge)