DIY speaker mod- Newbie Needs Advice.

There is a simple mod I want to try on my Snell speakers. It involves removing the attenuation knob on the rear of this speaker and bypassing the fuse. The tech said to replace this with a 1 ohm resistor. I am not kit builder but, thing I should be able to do the soldering. I do not know anything about the part. Can I just get any 1 ohm resistor at radio shack or is one type better than another?
Thanks in advance.
Here's an old thread that discussed this issue:

The answers to your question can be heavily dependent upon your tonal preference.
Thanks Dave. My friend gave me some audiophile grade resistors to try so I will give them a spin. How long for something like this to burn in??
One thing you'll learn real fast when playing with loudspeaker crossovers is that even the best resistors sound terrible.

So, I would try not using that 1 Ohm resistor at all. If you find the speaker too relentless, which is likely not the case if it's actually only a 1 Ohm resistor that's required, then you will need a resistor. The best for speaker use in my opinion are the Ohmite silicone conformal coated wirewound. Many folks like the Mills, but I find them a significant step down compared to the Ohmite.