DIY Speakers

Anyone know of a good kit or design to build that uses the narrow front baffle, deep cabinet approach? Similar to an Audio Physic design?

Thanks for you help!
Bullitt, I just spent minutes in the Home Theater Forum and couldn't find a DIY-speakers forum. Maybe you could post a link, pls?
Also check out, which has a very active section for speakers. There are also several companies such as Madisound and Parts Express that offer DIY plans and kits.
Raw Acoustics sells a kit like this I believe, and there are several designs floating around as well. Might want to try the Madisound forums, this is where all the DIY gurus hang out. I built the MBOW-1's from and they are very impressive for the $$ if you are interested in a monitor, you can always make it a floorstander and just seal the bottom of the cabinet.