DIY XLR Cables: Questions

Hi All,

I'll be putting together several runs of balanced XLR cables, doing a bunch of soldering, putting Neutrik connectors on Mogami Neglex 2534 microphone cable. Any advice on that, besides getting the pin arrangement right (1=ground, 2=positive, 3=inverted). The cable has 4 conductors (2 pairs of like color) and a braid. Each like color pair gets twisted together and goes to one pin. The braid gets gathered up, twisted into one, and to the third pin. Does it help to tin the braid prior to soldering to the pin? Ditto for the other twisted pairs?

Also, do you think there is any significant difference in sound quality between "standard" Neutrik plugs and more expensive models, such as "black" (e.g. NC-FX), "gold", etc?

Thanks for any advice that can be offerred. Peter
Definately tin the braid, maybe even solder a small piece of regular wire to the braid to facilitte easy connection to the XLR connector.

The higher gade XLR connectors offer a slight edge, but I would look at the overall budget for the project and determine if the cost difference is acceptable.
Yes, pre-tin the cable ends prior to the final solder. It all starts with a good connection, therefore, I always buy the best that I can afford when it comes down to cable connectors. Good luck
I always progold every thing .there is alot of different wire to use and very inexpensive i would go on ebay and type in silver wire and look under home audio .i have made good cables from it..about the ends get the black gold plated pins also on ebay and have fun