DJ Speakers for home use small room

Hi, I'm looking for some advice or suggestions on what kind of monitors to buy for my turntables for use in the nearfield. I've looked at Alesis, Event, and other brands geared specifically towards the professional studio, but something tells me that I can probably find something better at the same price or even cheaper than the 'mainstream' brands and models.

I need something that'll have a good punchy bass response and clean highs. I'll be listening to them from no more than 3' to 5' away, and my bedroom is very small so it doesn't take much to fill the room with sound. I am willing to buy a used pair, and do not want to pay much more than $300 including shipping. Can anyone give me suggestions?

Also, I'm going to need to buy a decent amplifier...I'd be looking at the 250-300 price range for that as well.

Thanks for any help.
I have a pair of comunity PA speakers 2 way 50hz-22khz used once will sell for $300 shipping inc. only a week old .JK
You might try B&W DM303's. Used $200 to $225. They might not have all the bass you need but a nice midrange and smooth treble response.
For the amp you might try a Cambridge Audio 300 v.2 integrated amp. The Audio Advisor sells them for $250.
Basically a no brainer. It even has a detachable power cord so you can experiment with different PC's.

Good luck, Jim
I went with the JBL's...I figure if I don't like em I can sell them on Ebay for about the same that I paid for far as the amplifier goes (the NAD), i'm having some trouble finding it on ebay or on this site. I really want it after doing all the homework I've done. It seems like exactly what I need, but I can't afford to spend the money on it brand new. I'll be patient and keep looking.

Thanks for the advice!!!!
The NAD 320BEE is too new to be popping up on ebay just yet ... you can try They sometimes have the NAD either as "D" stock (damaged carton) or refurbished.

Good Luck. Rich