DK Design Integrateds

Not much on the site about this amp. I have one listed for sale but don't see any comments - good or bad.
Good piece of gear, good price for the performance, my friend has one and I have spent some time with it and like it.
Some pretty shady early marketing caused big riff's and it was pretty heated debate....but like everything it came on the scene with alot of buzz and faded, same with any number of gear. Just a few in last couple years, DK, VR4JR speakers, Jolida, Oppo, Bellari and so on.
Yeah, this amp was the "flavor of the month" awhile back...I remember all of the hoopla. You couldn't go a day without seeing 2 threads. There were some heated how time flies.

However, despite the debate, there seemed to be quite a few people that were really happy with this amp. Wasn't it marketed with a 30 day return policy?
If you can buy it below 1500usd,it`s the best bargain on the market.
It equaled my Gaincard, with a lot more basscontrol.
I had a mark II version and it was OK. Perhaps it was just my setup ,,but it didn't "float my boat". Presently I'm using a xindak 6950 which I think sounds more tube-like,,but less powerful.
Maybe you want to check the discussion forums?

There's more on these things than just about anything else.