DK Designs VS-1 Mk II Drive Carver Mk IV's?

Anyone have experience with the VS-1 Mk II with somewhat hard-to-drive speakers? I have Carver Platinum Mk IV's and have been considering the Mk II.
I drove the, some would consider them hard to drive, Sound Lab A-1's with NO problem.
This may truely be the most underrated product in the audio kingdom.
Somehow, though, Daniel can't catch a break. Every time he offers something fair and reasonable, people, perhaps with agendas, I don't know, jump him like sharks in a frenzy.
I own the product, and find it to be better IMHO than the Gryphon, though similar, and certainly better than the separates which I have owned throughout my years in the audio sickness.
It is smooth, musical, strong of heart, bass wise--clear without brittleness, and overall, pleasing to the ear.
It has a unique manner of tearing the music apart three diminsionally which I find startling, when compared to similarly, and even much more expensive products.
I have owned everything from Belles to Halcro, (and was a dealer for a while), and find it to be the equal of many, much more expensive pieces of audio.
Sometimes products cost less than they should, and in the audio business, many people make judgments based on price rather than performance.(My experience at least, after 25 years in the industry).
This is a "Field of Dreams" kind of product. "If you build it they will come", I know I almost did.
how loud do you like your music? Your room size is? Those speakers loud can even make a VTL 450 cry uncle occasionally.