DK DesignVS1MK2 owners comments

What power cord and ic's are you using?

Am using Analysis Plus power cord (about $300), noted a very substantial improvement of "focus", soundstage deeper, wider, higher. On subject of IC, a different story.
Have used Ridge Street Poiema, Apature, MIT T2 and 330 plus, also tried some really cheap old stuff, oddly, I have noted very little difference! I have tried 3 different speakers now, Pure Note Cerulean Spk. cables, Sony DVP S9000ES SACD. Technics SL10 with $50 cartridge that I am enjoying very very much..phono seems to prefer Ridge Street IC. Previous Audion phono pre liked the MIT 330plus IC better. .... Good Luck and let us know how things turn out for you, Mike.
I tried using Paul Zero Autoformer with the DK VS1 amp and the result was very bright sounding. I lowered the impedence to just 2X and the sound was still so bright to the point of hurting my ears. I then decided to use PS Audio Xtreme Statement speakers and the result was detailed yet warmth with great dynamics.

My system current setup consists of:
- VS1 MK2
- Denon 5000 DVD
- Default IC / Power Cable
- PS Audio XStreme Statment
- Magnepan MG12
- Siemen NOS 60s

I just got my amp today. I bought it used and will definitely have much more trial and error until I get the sound that I want.