DLP lamps

I own a Toshiba 72MX195 HD/DLP and it's about 3 months old. I have already had to replace the lamp which is warrantied for 1 year. Is there an issue with these lamps I should be aware of? The lamps are running around $400.00CDN and I am going to be quite disappointed, not to mention some other feelings that the moderators won't allow me to express, if this is going to be an ongoing issue. Could this have been just a faulty lamp? Are there any better aftermarket lamps I should be looking at for a spare?

If the TV or bulbs DO have a design flaw at least I can spread the word and help make people aware.

Thank for any thoughts.

my friend also bought a toshiba DLP (late last year) and in the first 20hrs the bulb failed...

Computers/Electronics typically fail in the first 30days and then work after that point. I've owned 2 toshiba big screens and both required large $$$$ service dollar maintenance and I would recommend staying away from toshiba.. Also make sure your TV is well ventilated..

I have an Optoma PJ and the DLP bulb has been working for 2.5 years now but Optoma and infocus had that same problem Toshiba is having a few years before with bulbs dieing all the time.

You should post this up on www.avsforum.com and see some of the posts there about the Toshiba DLP's.

Pcking: Great advice!
I had a JVC 61' hdila rptv. The bulb died just after the 30 day mark. The set was black for 13 days and I had to watch a 7 yr.old 27';while waiting for my free bulb replacement. This set had the engine replacement done and had another service issue,all within 60 days. Good Guys wouldn't replace the set. I took it in the shorts and lost about 2k. (Traded it back in) I bought a CRT Mits and have been happy since.( Almost 2 yrs. ago)
Thanks guys, I did check out the avs forum and apparently the original lamp manufacturer had many issues for whatever reason. Toshiba now use a new supplier who seems to have a better product. Time will tell I guess.
I just lost the bulb in my 72MX195 HD/DLP an it's only about 3 months old. Look like these things are garbage.
Fear not zscamp440@hotmail.com. The factory lamps were junk. The replacement lamp you get will be fine. Always run it on high bright mode (which your service person should tell you) When you shut it down let it cool completely before powering back up as stated above by Pcking.

Trust me I know how you feel, ANGRY and ROBBED. Don't worry, your TV will be fine !!!