DLP projectors vs. Pio. Elite HD710

Any opinions? I just saw the new Runco Vx-1c DLP chip front projector ($18,000 list)and was amazed at its film-like quality on DVD, and blown away by the HDTV demo (from Direct TV ch.199); and it was bright! no visible pixels. On the other hand, the HD710 is oustanding too. Both have great line doublers, although the runco has a scaler and more flexibilty with aspect ratios. Screen size is obviously a difference. I will be seated about 15' from a wall screen, and about 12' from the pioneer RPTV. Ignoring price for the moment, although....the RPTV weighs 300 lbs. and costs $7500 (only $25 a pound) while the Runco weighs only 17 lbs. ($1,000 a pound!!) seriously what are the pros and cons as far as picture quality, current and future flexibilty, etc.
I have had the HD710 for about 4 months now and you couldn't pry it away from me. It is a great bang for the buck even though I paid almost $7500 (delivered). I built a two tier viewing theater in my lower level and unless you can spend maybe three times the cost to get front projection right, you wouldn't be sorry with the HD710. I was also going to wait for a year or so, but when I saw HDTV and DVD on the 710 I couldn't have expected more. My ISF calibrator also stated it will be maybe two more years from now for Pioneer to possibly better it.
DLP fills the gap between lcd and crt and is closing in on crts at a very fast rate, front or rear projection. the pioneer is the best rear-pro iv'e seen but crts cant get past the fact that they burn at different rates and fade and drift off convergence. they have better contrast but dlp isnt bad! setup is easier, convergence stays perfect, and user replaceable bulb means you dont through the baby out with the bath water, as when you find out the replacement of your whole rearpro set is cheaper than replaceing the crts. (been there!) to get a crt front pro to look good you could buy a new car! resale of any form of projector is about the same as a boat with a large hole in its bottom! DLP's gives you a very decent display without a refi on the house.
I was in the same situation. I am single and will be buy a second house in a few months so the idea of moving a 300 pound set is not appealing. However after looking at several projectors of all types, it became evident that the projector was much more expensive in the "long run" then ther rptv. Bulbs are expensive for most Dlp and LCD projectors and have to be replaced anywhere from 1000 hours to 4000. Neither technology does pure black well at the comsumer level. Also, tech who would be installing it informed me that I need to consider light control with heavy drapes to maximize the performance of any profector. A good drape system would cost, the mount for the projecter would be an extra 500.00, and a fixed screen would cost another 1500 with a motorized one a few grand. When they had finished adding things up it would have cost around 5000.00 more than I had estimated. If you do decide to go this route take a look at Sony's LCD projector for 6999.00 the VPL-10HT which is an excellent one as well. At first it would seem that the cost is closer but when you add everything up the projecter will cost a lot more. Also, I did not realize how big the screen would have to be for use with most projecters. The last one I saw was in a room the same size as mine and I though, "Damn that is hugh and I do not like movies that much!!" But that may be exactly what you are looking for. Also, I read in a Widescreen Review of one of the guys from Texas instuments that they were trying to make sure that the projecter that the movie industry had were superior to what you and I could buy because the studios demanded something that was of a level that you could only experience at the movie theater. This pissed me off so I immediately wrote of DLP tech.