Do any still use an older high end tuner from the past?....

Things like the CT-7000 from Yamaha, other Marantz, Magnum, Fisher, Scott or any others.  It would be good for us "tuner people" to hear your experience with older, former SOTA tuners.  Thanks. 
My best tuner is a McIntosh MR78 than has recently been modified by Rich Modafferi.

My other best tuner is a Marantz 20 that was recently on the test bench, had a bit of work done, and continues to be excellent 

Both are terrific, both have their charms, and both definitely sound different. I like them both

Now for the tuna that got away- years back a store was closing. Owner brought me to the back room. Two 10b tuners on a shelf. He wanted $1200 for both. What was I thinking? 
I own a Tandberg 3011. Packed away for years. Since fm is no longer analog through, what sense does it make? If the networks go down, suddenly it’s importance would skyrocket. But for how long? My lifestyle has changed, and quality listening is no longer connected to fm. But I do enjoy cousin Brucie on Sirius XM. Anyone heard a magnum dynalab XM?
Magnum Dynalab - I sent my FT101a, made in the mid 1990's, in for service and could not be more pleased with it now that it’s back. It is their goal to serve customers for the long term. They still service their original FT101 tuners introduced in 1985 and if you still have one they will take it on trade against any of their current line. They have a customer waiting list for these vintage tuners. They offer a flat rate service policy for all of their basic analogue tuners up to the model 107. The $150.00, lifetime, service fee covers all internal parts except tubes and exterior cosmetic issues or meters and switches.
I own a McIntosh MR78 which I purchased new in 1972. Couple years ago sent it to factory for
refurbishment; hadn't used it for approx. 20 years. Having taken on a new wife/home, my audio system was relegated to mancave in basement. I had anticipated needing to install cabling to an outdoors antenna; tried a rabbitears just for kicks and tuner brought in local stations wonderfully. Talk about sensitivity!