Do any still use an older high end tuner from the past?....

Things like the CT-7000 from Yamaha, other Marantz, Magnum, Fisher, Scott or any others.  It would be good for us "tuner people" to hear your experience with older, former SOTA tuners.  Thanks. 
I have a Sansui TU-919 and a Mitsubishi DA-F20, purchased based on the tuner shootout rankings. I got the Mitsubishi first because the price was right and I had Mitsubishi equipment back in the day, excellent tuner. HOWEVER, everything they said about the Sansui TU-919 is dead on: if you're fortunate to live close enough to a good college station that doesn't compress their music (mine pulled in Princeton University from 32 miles away in PA), the dynamic range and sound quality is right up there with SACD.
Buy one, they're worth it. Mine had some scuffs on the top, but when music sounds this good you listening with your eyes closed anyway  ;-)
I have a MR-78, a Marantz 20B, and a Pioneer TX-9500II. The Pioneer is a bit beat up and never had the handsome looks of the Marantz or the McIntosh, but I think it sounds the best (and is obviously the best value.) That said, the MR-78 is the one in my main system.
I use an Accuphase T-100, a Sansui TU-9900, and a Sansui TU-717. All are really enjoyable to listen to, but I like the 9900 best, there's just something about its sound (once it gets warmed up well) that makes it stand out. I'd like to be able to hook up an outdoor antenna, but I live in an HOA community and that's not allowed. The dearth of good FM stations and programming
makes it difficult to use them to their full potential. The tactile aspect is a big part of the FM tuner experience, using the big tuning knobs to zero in on the station.
Follow-up to my earlier post:  I have been looking on Craigslist at a NAD 4225 ($50) or a Luxnan T111 ($75). I didn't want to spend much, as I don't listen much to radio outside my car. Others here noted the Luxnan T110 as a good tuner, but this is a T111 and the only info. I found on it was negative. The NAD didnt seem to impress either.  This morning, I drove over to buy a Fisher tuner the guy asked $20 for, but he said it just stopped going into stereo so he just gave it to me. Thought I might fiddle with it and see what it will do.
Mac MR-67, Accuphase T-100, Sansui TU-9900 and Mitsubishi DA-F20 - all superb with a whip antenna 3 stories high,pointing to a great classical station in CT and WQXR in NYC - the MR 67 rules with incredible sound, but the Accuphase  and Sansui not far behind.
The MR 67 is serviced by Audio Classics every few years.
one of these is on during our waking hours daily. We never know, when the MR is playing, whether it’s a CD or the tuner - until an announcer speaks.