Do audiophiles have a high divorce rate?

Somebody told me yesterday that a study that looked at personality traits of people who got divorced found that people who were picky and difficult to satisfy were over-represented in the divorce population.

That got me thinking: picky and difficult to satisfy -- that doesn't sound like any of us, does it?

From your observations, do you think that audiophiles might have a higher divorce rate than the general population because of certain personality characteristics?

Just hoping my hypothesis is wrong.

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Listener57: I loved your post! Made me laugh out load and had to share it with my spouse. Chiming in as another lucky audio nut who's been with the same listening partner for over 32 years. And she's going with me this afternoon to a friend's house to listen to his recently updated system.
My wife made some interesting points (married 6 years and she doesn't connect with the audio thing at all). There is a profound difference between your relationship with a static object, and a dynamic relationship with a human being. Those who are most likely to get divorced may also include many who treat the partner more like an object than a human being.

I would add that there is a difference between those who pursue this hobby to actually enjoy their music on a regular basis, and those who pursue it as an extension of their johnson.

Perhaps another interesting question might be: To those like Albert and what do you attribute the success and longevity of your relationships and how does the audio obsession play into that dynamic? And to those who actually have faced a divorce or breakup because of audio; how do you see the relationship between the two?

" what do you attribute the success and longevity of your relationships and how does the audio obsession play into that dynamic?"

I try to focus the attention on the music and involve my wife in listening together at every opportunity. There is nothing more enjoyable than listening to music we both enjoy, even if we aren't verbally communicating.

As to the equipment, ah, em...never mind that man behind the curtain.
My wife loves tube electronics and we listen to music together. She cares nothing about the equipment as such, but loves the music.
I make them sign a pre nup so replacing the wife doesn`t exceed gear replacement. Been to the altar 3x, & a 4th might be in my future.