Yes they do.  I’m not here to advocate for any particular brand but I’ve heard a lot and they do matter. High Fidelity reveal cables, Kubala Sosna Elation and Clarity Cable Natural. I’m having a listening session where all of them is doing a great job. I’ve had cables that were cheaper in my system but a nicely priced cable that matches your system is a must.  I’m not here to argue what I’m not hearing because I have a pretty good ear.  I’m enjoying these three brands today and each is presenting the music differently but very nicely. Those who say cables don’t matter. Get your ears checked.  I have a system that’s worth about 30 to 35k retail.  Now all of these brands are above 1k and up but they really are performing! What are your thoughts. 
@geoffkait thanks for clarifying. I was really, really confused on that point.

Good enough. Let’s put this thread to bed. 
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There’s plenty of snake oil in the cable business, and plenty of good value up until a quality threshold is reached. The law of diminishing returns comes into play here. Take speaker cables for example. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars per foot to realize excellent performance. I’ve been using Monster Standard 12AWG cable in a bi-amp setup with a pair of vintage NAD integrated amplifiers (3025i and 3225PE), and I’m very happy with the results. These cables didn’t cost a fortune, heck, they only cost about $100 not including the Monster banana plugs that cost another $60. The results are there, and I’m happy. I bet most other people would be too. 
Sometimes nicely priced can be 200 or 2000 it depends on what you are personally willing to do. It’s up to you. Find your sound and get there. At the end of the day it’s up to you to get the best sound you like out your system. Some do it cheaper than others. Some do it with generic monoprice. Some do it in the high end. Do,what works for you with your equipment in your listening enviorment. 
It’s funny how we get in these debates with people who have and never will hear your system in your listening enviorment. Very few people in the USA have my speaker. I have one of about 10 pair in the whole country at this time.  In addition very few people own my integrated KR Audio va900 or my Dac Resonessence Mirus Pro.  I think everybody reading this thread needs to know that your equipment and cabling combinations will perform differently from what they might do in some else’s listening enviorment.  Room dimensions.  Carpet vs hardwood floors. Speaker placement all play a part. So does recording quality. Trial and error is important for you in your system so enjoy your equipment and cables and don’t worry about what others say. Most of the time they will never hear your kit. Find you a knowledgeable sales guy who actually loves music. It’s a big help. Thank you Bob Spence at affirm Audio. Gary at Audio emotion in Scotland. Rick Schultz at high fidelity cables. Scott at Advanced Home theater systems for assisting me with demos and arriving at my system!