Do chinese tube preamp/amp clones interest you?

Hi all,

looks like there a quite a few clones of almost iconic gear available, e.g. this is an example

Have you ever wondered how they sound, are tempted to try them out, maybe even get it as a kit?

Or better even, got them and can report back?

Inquiring minds would like to know,

My buddy bought one Chinese power amplifiers and it worked for a while before it broke. He paid $200 to have it fixed and actually now likes it some. In looking at it, it is nice looking but internally it is not made well. It won’t compete with better designed amps but there are plenty of amps that I don’t consider good quality.

Happy Listening.
I still have my ARC LS15 pre amp that l bought in 1995 and it's still working find
No China knock off for me!
Miller how much steel did your boyfriend purchase from China via shell companies? 
Just a question. Do those here who object to buying Chinese goods (not just fakes, but any at all) make sure that there are no Chinese parts inside of the non-Chinese goods that they buy? Because if a product has Chinese parts inside of it then Chinese companies are benefiting.
In logic this is what is called the Fallacy of the Straw Man. Create an imaginary and totally fake position, pretend that's what the person said, then refute it.   

Total garbage. You can do better. On second thought maybe not. But surely you can at least try? We all have to start somewhere you know. Thinking, I mean.