Do Dealers think it is sinful..........

..... to give a customer a break on the price of high end audio equipment? is there something ethically wrong with this? why is it that i can negotiate down the price of a car or real estate many thousands of dollars, but i cant even get a discount on something the dealer (1) doesnt stock, (2) will not let you bring home for a day. i feel that when you are spending big $, like 8k + on a sale there should be some give and take. what do you think?
Kendall43 What makes you believe that you are getting 25% off? Does the dealer show you his invoices, his mark up, and then give you 25% off? ...If so, is this guy a family member and what is his name? I’m sure we’d all like to get 25% off for nuthin!
Please consider that if you really are getting 25% off across the board you are probably seeing this discount off of a higher sticker price than the market standard(s). As stated previously in this thread 25% off on cables or tweaks isn't unrealistic, but 25% discounts across the board would seem very unusual if not unbelievable. There is at least one exception to this, and that's dealer demos. Dealers often get demo units at 25-35% below cost, but this usually only happens once a year, and is limited to one unit per model per product line. These products can definitely be discounted – even below what would normally be “cost” in some cases. Unfortunately there are some folks on this site who believe that once a product sells for a low-ball amount that THIS is the benchmark. Demo & or refurbished product also need to be considered when discounted prices are bandied about.
Awdeeofyle: look, jerk, I can read retail price sheets, just as you could if you tried, Well, maybe not. I routinely receive 25% discounts on highend speakers, electronics and acessories (sometimes more on the last). These are new, in-the box, never-opened products. They are not once-a-year demo units. Those are discounted more deeply. Sorry you live in the boondocks or are, perhaps, too reticent or stupid to ask whether discounts might be available. Fact is: YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKIN' ABOUT.
Kendall43, sorry to shake your tree but I don't believe you either. I live in NYC where there are many, many Hi-end dealers and have yet to find one that discounts 25% across the board. Oh, and lose the attitude, we are all adults here and there is no need to call each other names. We can disagree more maturely than that.
Yes, but why are price breaks so hard to get? It seems to me that one consensus of this thread is that if you invest the time in your dealer he will eventually give you a break. I think the opposite, if you keep paying full price why would they suddenly give you a breaK? p.s. in my own shopping, I go to the same dealers and rarely do they appear symphatic to price breaks, even after many purchases. Maybe that's just the area I live in?