Do female audiophiles exist

I've hear of UFO's , and Bigfoot, but never seen one!

I've never heard of an audiophile from the opposite sex, and never seen one either.

I always assumed that the majority of the posters here are female.

Why would you think otherwise?

I don't think we're supposed to use the term male or female anymore. It's offensive to some I guess.

But most 'girls' I've dated like and enjoy good music. They didn't put a lot of energy into their setups but enjoyed mine. I gave my current girlfriend a Mission bookshelf/T amp/ Bluetooth setup and it's playing all the time.
there was Enid Lumley from TAS who passed in 2008...

btw does anyone know what happened to Elizabeth?

did anyone hear?
I have known perhaps ten over the years, but only one now. For a long time my daughter was one, but having three kids killed that exercise. Some of these women have had exceptional ears, but overall, I haven't found them much better than male friends I have with good ears.
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