Do good power cords have to be stiff?

As far as I am concerned, stiff power cables are a pain in the butt. Wonder if anyone has found a great power cable that is very flexible?


Good power cables are often solid core and hence stiff by nature: to wit: Nordost, Acoustic Revive et al…

Just look at some of the Puritan videos on youtube.  The epitome of flexibility, combined with great performance.

Cardas power cords (lower level, which I what I know) seem flexible compared to most (as do lower level Nordost, though I haven’t handled those myself0

     Don’t know if Zu has replaced the Mother, in their lineup, but: I found it an excellent PC and VERY flexible (critical, given my present component/cable configuration).

     Currently: they supply my BAT VK-D5 CDP, phono pre, TacT 2.2X, Cary SLM 100 main amps and I can’t imagine ever needing further upgrade.

     All my other PCs and interconnects are either Synergistic Research or Kimber Kable Selects, so: it’s not like I’m a strict brand-fan.

     They can be hard to find, in the used market, but: well worth the effort.

                                             Happy listening!