Do I have to brand match preamp and amp?

I recently got an Ayre v-5xe Amp for my two channel setup (with Revel f208 speakers and PS Audio Directstream DAC). At a good price locally.

I looked at the matching K-5xe MP matching preamp, but it’s too expensive brand new and nothing available used.

Do I have to get a matching brand preamp? Or something different would do. My budget for the Preamp is around two grand.

OP here, posting an update on my new addition- the Ayre k-1xe Preamp to complement my Ayre v-5xe amp.

Until now, I was going direct fro DAC (PS Audio Directstream) to Amp.

I am so happy with my new Preamp!

Weird to explain. It should not be better than direct to amp. But it is. I would explain it as much more “musical”. More “real life”. And no, I don’t think I am losing any detail or resolution.

I also think that my k-1 is better than the k-5xeMP that a friend brought over for me to audition prior to my purchase. That one had a bit more “meat” but was not so sweet and so musical.

I know here is very lengthy thread over at computer Audiophile forums on direct to amp vs. using preamp, and to me, using this Preamp improved thing hands down. No question about it
Once, I did have a set of amps that matched the pre-amp. The same manufacturer but different generations. The only thing that matched was the name plate. My entire system does not even match color. Some is black and the rest is brushed aluminum.

No, you don't have to match brands as long as there are no impedance mismatches. I just traded in a Cary CAD 120's hooked up to a Cary SLP 98P pre for a pair of Canary M350 monoblocks and my Legacy Whispers HD never sounded so great, and they were excellent with the Cary too. My neighbors know who Johnny Winter is now.

OK, it’s great you guys try to help, but please read the thread. I already purchased a Preamp - same brand as my amp. Thank you
Glad that you are happy with your K-1xe thyname. You will find it to be an accurate “looking glass” into the sonic character of whatever you pair with it. Enjoy!